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Who we are!

For more than 42 years I am busy with construction-machineries and from that time now more than 16 years in Hungary as responsible dealer for the trademarks O&K, TEREX and NEW HOLLAND.

During this period I could find out again, that in businesslife only the personal contact to the customers brings  the success and not only the name of the companies!

This is also the the philosophy of our small, new team, what is working for your disposal since the middle of  2008, as IB HUNGARIA KFT., in Csopak, near Lake Balaton.
Like always in the last years, I will try to do my best, together with people working with me, to fulfill your demands and wishes!

Dear Sir or Madame,

" If others are surrending, we will start for you!"

With the hope for  a successful cooperation and partnership, I remain with best regards Yours

Bernd Zehnter
Managing Director



What do we want?

As graduated engineer it was my daily task in the businesslife  to find solutions for technical problems.
First, there is only a little noise, than we hear a loud crunching and finaly there is no moving, anymore!

We all know very well, that every hour, where the machine can not work because of missing spares, is very, very expensive.
In this respect , as the technical manager in IB HUNGARIA KFT, I would like to go other ways and this together with our sister company,
IB DEUTSCHLAND GMBH in Dortmund/Germany,

Should you have any problems in this matter, please call us!
I am sure, we will find the solution for you!
All the year, 365 days, we will be at your disposal and if you are satisfied, we will be it, too.

Hada Levente
technical manager 



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Construction machinery

.....excavator of every description, wheel loaders, compact loaders, backhoe loaders, rollers, dumpers, graders etc....

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Spare parts

Consulting, quality, pricing and speedness are the most important facts for the optimal spare part service with broken, standing machines you can neither realize the dates ..........

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For each machine......

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